EECP® therapy is an outpatient treatment for angina and heart failure. Treatments for angina and heart failure are usually given for an hour each day, five days a week, for a total of 35 hours. With your doctor's approval, treatments may also be administered twice each day (at least 4 hours apart) for 3.5 weeks. Treatments for certain disorders (such as erectile dysfunction) may require as few as 20 hours of treatment in order to be effective.

During the treatment, you will lie on a comfortable treatment table with large blood pressure-like cuffs wrapped around your legs and buttocks. These cuffs inflate and deflate at specific times between your heart beats. A continuous electrocardiogram (ECG) is used to set the timing so the cuffs inflate while the heart is at rest, when it normally gets its supply of blood and oxygen. The cuffs deflate at the end of that rest period, just before the next heart beat. The special sensor applied to your finger checks the oxygen level in your blood and monitors the pressure waves created by the cuff inflations and deflations.

EECP isn't just a powerful therapy for angina. Virtually any condition in which poor circulation is a contributing factor can benefit from EECP. Here is just a partial list:

Congestive heart failure
Diabetic neuropathy
Erectile dysfunction
Kidney disease
Memory disorders
Peripheral vascular disease
Parkinson's disease
Vision problems

Many professional athletes also find EECP treatments helpful in reducing soreness and pain from lactic acid buildup in the legs following strenuous, prolonged activity.

Ask your doctor if EECP is right for you.

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